Price List

Price List February 2016



Duplex Pumps with Bar Stock Price £ Packed Weight
4″ Duplex 85.00 2kg Post and Packing UK £8.50
6″ Duplex 100.00 3kg Post and Packing UK £12.00
8″ Duplex 190.00 5kg Post and Packing UK £15.00
Duplex Pumps without Bar Stock Bar stock is cast gunmetal or phosphor bronze material for pistons and cylinder end covers except in the case of the 8″ duplex where castings are supplied for cylinder end covers. Builders often have suitable material in their scrap box. This makes the cost of the pump lower and the postage cheaper.
4″ Duplex without bar 69.00 1.5kg Post and Packing in UK £8.50
6″ Duplex without bar 79.00 2kg Post and Packing in UK £8.50
8″ Duplex without bar 175.00 4kg Post and Packing UK £15.00
Vertical Pumps
3″ Vertical 35.00 0.8kg Post and Packing in UK £5.00
6″ Vertical 60.00 2kg Post and Packing UK £8.50
12″ Vertical 295.00 8kg Post and Packing UK £18.00
Gun-metal bars for water valves & seats (large vert. only) 42.00 2kg
1.5″ dia. C.I. piston ring in place of the O-ring for steam cyl. 5.00 0
Rotative Pump £150.00  4kg Post and Packing UK £15.00



Corliss Valve Engines Price £ Packed Weight
Drawings – 16 sheets £48.00 650 gram
Single cylinder – 18 castings Please contact for current price 19kg
Tandem Compound, slide valve LP – 24 castings Please contact for current price 23kg
Cross compound, slide valve LP – 26 castings Please contact for current price 31kg
Twin Tandem Compound, slide valve LP – 41 castings Please contact for current price 46kg
Cross Compound, all Corliss – 27 castings Please contact for current price 29kg
Air Pump -11 G.M. castings including top U pipe, atmospheric & water injection valves and O-rings. Please contact for current price 4kg


The Lincoln series of engines Price £ Packed Weight
Drawings, 5 sheets for single cylinder only £16.00 250gram
Drawings 6 sheets for all other arrangements £19.00 250gram
Single cylinder -18 castings, O rings & screws £180.00 5kg
Base (for above) £54.00 2kg
Duplex – 28 castings, O rings & screws £250.00 7kg
Base (for above) £58.50 2kg
Cross Compound -26 castings, O rings & screws £290.00 8kg
Base (for above) £58.50 3kg
Tandem Compound -26 castings £250.00 7kg
Base (for above) £69.00 3kg
Twin Tandem Compound -44 castings, O rings & screws £540.00 15kg


Triple Expansion Engine Price £ Packed Weight
Drawings 19.00 200gram
Castings 560.00 11kg

Apart from stock for the above engines, we have a number of flywheel patterns from which we can obtain castings. These range from 6”dia. to 11”dia. Please ring to discuss your requirements.

Tapping Tool Kit 127.00 7kg
Sensitive Drill 154.00 8kg
Combined Tapping Tool & Drill 208.00 10kg


Chequer Plate embossed on 1/16” thick aluminium, raised diamond pattern Price £ Packed Weight
 250 x 60mm 1/10 scale 4.25 100gram
250 x 60mm 1/16 scale 4.25 100gram


Agnes, a 500 Horse Power Corliss Valve Steam Engine” 2nd Edition, enlarged, by P.J.M. Southworth.A detailed look at a Corliss valve engine now in preservation near Doncaster which is steamed regularly. Illustrated with 34 pictures and drawings. A4, 20 pages. £4.75 125 gram


“Pleasley Pit and its Steam Winding Engines” by P.J.M. Southworth.A short history of the pit and its ancillary equipment with a detailed look at the two large and very different steam winding engines now in preservation in NE Derbyshire. Illustrated with 40 pictures and drawings. A4, 36 pages. £6-50 150 gram


“The Beam Engines of Elsecar, Leawood & Middleton Top” by P.J.M. Southworth.A brief history of each engine along with a detailed look at their workings. Illustrated with over 55 photographs and drawings. A4, 43 pagesThe three different engines that still exist on their original sites are owned by local authorities (Elescar under Barnsley, with the other two run by Derbyshire C.C.) all three have a slight connection with each other. Leawood is steamed in the summer and Middleton Top turned over by compressed air. Middleton Top was part of the now defunct Cromford & High Peak Railway. £6-25 180 gram


“Papplewick Pumping Station & its Beam Engines”   by P.J.M. Southworth.With 24 of the original architectural and Watt engine drawings adding to the total of 59 illustrations, of which 32 are in colour, both the building and engines are described. Papplewick Pumping Station along with the 1884 James watt engines is arguably the finest example of Victorian engineering in the country. The buildings were refurbished in 2005 at a cost of £2.1m.A4, 38 pages £8-75 180gm


“Some Early Robey Steam Engines” by P.J.M. Southworth‘Some Early Robey Steam Engines’ was published by Peter Southworth in 1986. It was the first of five books he wrote on steam engines and went out of print some years ago. It has now been reprinted.The photographs in the book were copied by Peter from two albums of albumen prints that for a short time came his way. They date from 1874 to 1886 and at one time belonged to Robey’s. They are not only records but were used in catalogues and adverts. The book is not intended to describe in detail the workings of a steam engine, but it is a small effort to publish photographs that may have otherwise remained hidden. A4, 44 pages, 58 photos and drawings, packed weight £6.75

Notes:- No VAT to be added. Please add postage for the above weights. Contact us with your post/zip code for post and packing prices if not shown or you are outside the U.K.

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